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[audio]mongo kanoni, oma sheriff & mean dartin - gargle along 3 elvis ballads (20k156) 2005 - mongo kanoni, oma sheriff & mean dartin
mongo kanoni (basso), oma sheriff (alto), mean dartin (bariton) gargle along, as the title already explains, 3 elvis ballads - 'love me tender', 'in the ghetto' and 'falling in love'. a funny, conceptual work by three swiss guys.
Keywords: Gargling
Downloads: 4,967 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]big sugar victorious - high adventures at lo fidelity (20k090) 2004
big sugar victorious presents its debut EP for 20kbps rec. - high adventures at low fidelity!! big sugar victorious is Santo DiPiazza, lover of noise and all recorded sound. his work is inspired by music from the internet involving field recordings and noise. this adventure consists of three intelligent micro dance tracks, with very political vocals, sampled from guys like george w. bush. check this incredible low rent home recording out.
Keywords: Electronic; IDM
Downloads: 983 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]June Lauren Prescott – Hitting 30 For The First Time - June Lauren Prescott
This album, an assemblage of 7 chefs-d'oeuvre, is a celebration of her birthday. More: http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/june-lauren-prescott/hitting-30-for-the-first-time/
Keywords: classic; composition; ballad
Downloads: 660
[audio]INDU MEZU - noisiki (20k148) 2005 - INDU MEZU
are you ready for the future sound of russia? here we have 3 wonderful microsound/glitch/industrial noise tracks with vocals by chekatilo and ipsus. watch out for INDU MEZU at misfake studio and check out his website.
Keywords: Glitch; Noise; microsound
Downloads: 712 2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]indu mezu - dustplastic tube cut release (20k093) 2004
indu mezu is a russian industrial(?)-experimental-noise-sampling musician who presents us his first release on 20kbps rec. all tracks are downmixed on fl, scratches made on sound forge, (detailed pitching)... and tons of other soft. this 4 track ep is an enthralling mixture of 'musique nouvelle' and idm. for more of his music check out indu mezus account on realmusic.
Keywords: Industrial
Downloads: 859
[audio]Josh Vegas - The Preview EP (20k191) 2005 - Josh Vega
we continue with straight bang bang music, this time in the field of techno. driving rhythms, pounding beats, cool synths - this ep will knock your socks off. time to dance, motherfuckers!
Keywords: Techno
Downloads: 2,857
[audio]overthruster - original pcm resynthesis (20k161) 2005 - overthruster
fuck snobs! death to fucking samplers! pcm resynthesis, now + then! a full album with 12 tracks made with lsdj by overthruster who's a technical wizard on game boy. trends come and go, but he will stay. he recently released on biodata (microbio sublabel) and on ottbinare.net (russian elektrotrash netlabel).
Keywords: Noise; electronic; original pcm resynthesis
Downloads: 1,681
[audio]Celtic Rhythm - Min.Cutz (20k185) 2005 - Celtic Rhythm
the debut album of 'celtic rhythm' leads you to the robotized, dubby and intransigent atmosphere of techno music. precise, vigorous and pounding - this one is a matchless and professional sounding masterpiece. 'celtic rhythm' (uhr music) is igor o. vlasov, an eclectic and busy producer from moscow, russia. he already released on labels like dobox rec., handheld, knobs and mixomat-recordings.
Downloads: 9,904 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]sea_office-_freon-(20k326)-2011 - sea office
welcome to the arcane world of sea office! a world of mistuned pianos, vintage cassette recorders, cheap guitars and spooky ambient noises - all condensed into this ubercool mini ep. sea office is better known as lockbox (bandcamp, soundclound), a 17 year old fog hop producer from denver. together with a guy called sumguh he runs fog rattle.
Keywords: fog ambient; vintage noise
Downloads: 508 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
German funbient artist SYLVER SECOND's first release on a label is a quaint audio collage mini-album consisting of seven tracks.
Keywords: ambient; dark ambient; glitch ambient; glitch; idm; funbient
Downloads: 304
[audio]c4 - journey to the centre of your mind - c4
c4 was one of the few survivors, and has chosen to reside in Toledo. convinced that by creating sounds which remind him of the raves and music of the early nineties, it may trigger memories of times past for others as well, and slowly this altered state of mind can be reversed somehow. For more information: http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/c4/journey-to-the-centre-of-your-mind
Keywords: acid; acid techno; rave
Downloads: 260
[audio]TAKADATEK - BITCH EP-(20K330)-2011 - TAKADATEK
Downloads: 106
[audio]Dizzonanz_Domestic_-_Daily_Frustrations-(20k308)-2010 - Dizzonanz Domestic
we start the year 2011 with a fabulous noise ambient track by the fabulous dizzonanz domestic who has releases stuff on many different labels like enough, clinical archives, amduscias records and sounds abound. straight from the underground!
Keywords: noize; ambient noise
Downloads: 41
[audio]Death_On Glamour_-_Sad_Of_Dying_Crazy-(20k213)-2007 - Death On Glamour
the third lobit release by ukrainian progressive electronic band 'death on glamour' is a collection of tracks excerpted from the sametitled album which has been released in the beginning of 2007 on the nice bulgarian netlabel ouim. file under: creative electronic underground.
Keywords: ukraina; lobit; progressive electronic; electronic; ouim; creative electronic underground
Downloads: 193
[audio]Overthruster_-_Momma_Beat-(20k306)-2010 - Overthruster
no doubt, overthruster was one of the most stunning artists of the last decade. we haven't heard from him for some time now, but we still hope, this decade will be no other. momma beat is a double sided thrill'n'bass hammer. all you face is seth.
Keywords: thrill'n'bass; gdm
Downloads: 70
[audio]overthrustr - 4 bit sludge n bass (20k059) 2004
NEW 4 BIT SOUNDS by OVERTHRUSTER. this 16 minutes sludge'n'bass release is a BOMB, attacking your soundsystem. all sound is done with gb sp, no samples were used. encoded in only 4kbps. join the war!
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 280
[audio]origami_repetika_-_your_honor-(20k225)-2007 - origami repetika
two and a half year have gone by since the last origami repetika (origami republica) output on 20kbps but the waiting was worthwhile. 'your honor' consists of three electronic space rock easy listening tracks, truly beautiful. he also recently released on proc-records.
Keywords: origami repetika; electronic space rock; electronic; space rock; easy listening
Downloads: 55
[audio]boytchenko_paradise_-_unkles-(20k205)-2007 - boytchenko paradise
boytchenko paradise is a pure noise project by ukraine based sound producer old oldman. short but intensive - this deput three track ep is a terroristic offense to your ears but we won't take charge for any harm done to you or your neighbours. there will be more stuff out by this terrific producer soon, so don't stay away for too long.
Keywords: noise; noize; pure noise; pure noize; old oldman
Downloads: 228
[audio]microbit_project_-_sign-(20k321)-2011 - microbit project
microbit project is one of the big figureheads of lobit music. created at the end of 2008, it inspired other artists and enlightened listeners all over the world. this mash-up release is in now way different - never have you heard a barely legal bitrate (just around 18) sound like this before! floppypop on the rise.
Keywords: floppy pop; indietronica; alternative pop; pop; electronic; mash-up; downbeat; big beat; electronica; floppypop
Downloads: 60
[audio]holden_-_re_and_ex-(20k211)-2007 - holden
anton cherkasov, russia's electronic style juggling champion #1 is back on our small little lobit netlabel with some canny experimental electronica and idm stuff, full of copyright infringements. please sue us! or check out holden's own minimal and ambient netlabel, it's called greenratrecords, and on any account worth listening to.
Keywords: lobit; experimental electronica; experimental; electronica; idm
Downloads: 119
[audio]Lee_Rosevere_-_Symphony_For_Monotron-(20k322)-2011 - lee rosevere
symphony for monotron embodies a very unique distribution concept: it is released in three movements on three netlabels. the 1st movement is on 8ravens, the 2nd movement is on proc (it's so groundbreaking our dear nethead colleagues failed at proper title naming). but guess who has the 2nd movement! yeah, that's right, we're very happy to announce the return of the happy puppy mastermind, who proves himself to be a true monotron virtuoso...
Keywords: montron; korg; symfony; classic; classical; neo-classical; canadian
Downloads: 90
[audio]Yerunda_Projet_-_Livin'_in_a_Big_City-(20k315)-2011 - Yerunda Projet
experimental synth-pop from ukraine! do i have to say more? no. but i do it anyway: shaky, shaky lil body all nite long. you want more of this hot stuff? you better look on hyperactive genetic trance.
Keywords: experimental; synth-pop; pop
Downloads: 182
[audio]HardPORNnoises_-_fuck_your_mouth-(30k318)-2011 - HardPORNnoises
fuck your mouth is a conceptual piece of audio art, split in three main parts: fuck, your and mouth. the strong message is accompagnied by pornographic front and back covers. adult entertainment by the head of justnoiseit. enjoy the last day!
Keywords: pornoise; gorenoise; hardpornnoise
Downloads: 150
[audio]smart_young_cunt_-_faggotry_is_quite_alright-(20k304)-2010 - smart young cunt
up for some ldsj-action? know your are. you just can't restrain yourself, can't you? know you cunt. smart young count, better known as humiliation, who debuted here almost exactly a year ago. this somewhat controversial ep features 4 top notch bitpop tracks. hail gameboy! hail smart young cunt!
Keywords: bit pop; 8-bit; chiptune; electronic; bitpop
Downloads: 80
[audio]vivcaro_-_plautz3-(20k208)-2007 - vivcaro
a new star is born in the idm-cosmos. this respectable debut album by german female producer vivcaro combines the various styles of glitch, ambient, techno and musique nouvelle. get it and convince yourself!!!!
Keywords: idm; glitch; ambient; technik; musique nouvelle
Downloads: 214
[audio]c4_-_sprite_ep-(20k223)-2007 - c4
adam crammond, a hardworking man from toledo, ohia, has already had some notable outputs on various netlabels, including test tube, happy puppy and kellerloch. about a month ago he started his own netlabel, proc-records, which has already 10 recommendable outputs by now. nonetheless he has found time to make this convincing funky-fresh techno release for us. we are very happy to offer you this 4 track ep.
Keywords: techno; electronic; usa; lobit
Downloads: 195
[audio]cat_pain_black_udder_-_111-(20k324)-2011 - cat pain black udder
this was the 4th release in a row with a very special concept. cat pain black udder sets out from united kingdom to release a hundred tracks, every one uniquely named with a number between one and hundred. the tracks are published on ep's and albums which have as name a number greater than hundred. so far he released on the pet goat, ethno indigo, doministiku, pigdurt and the somewhat bizarre datahex...
Keywords: thrill'n'bass; nostalgia; noise; noisecore
Downloads: 116
[audio]hertzcanary_-_whµ_do_birds_sing_so_gaµ-(20k323)-2011 - hertzcanary
simply the best! it has been somewhat quiet on the northern front the last years. but eons of waiting are over - hertzcanary's (abulia concept) longed for new album is finally here. the new chapter in her obsession with birds goes beyond the scope of accustomed song structures: in der tritt von der alten she interweaves robot gonzo-style short story telling and elaborate bit hop sound with unprecedented artisanry...
Keywords: bit hop; gonzo; electronica; bits and breaks
Downloads: 260
[audio]Love Child - DJ Humiliation
enfant terrrrrible, dj humiliation debutes with a sonic gale of futuristic beats and seafood acid. hell breaks loose! great stuff done with LGPT and LSDj.
Keywords: seafood acid; bit breaks; breakz; idm; electronica; lgpz; ldsj
Downloads: 91
[audio]hertzcanary - birds don't come easy - hertzcanary
another hatchling by the nightingale of intelligent dance chirp - hertzcanary. birds don't come easy is the third of the bird series. The clutch of five precocial biped lobit funk songs were composed with the now almost extinct FastTracker II.
Keywords: glitch funk; underground hop; fasttracker; idm
Downloads: 740
[audio]Acid Gurke - 303 esch guet EP (20k17)-2003
Keywords: Acid
Downloads: 2,803 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Dorfdueppel - Riedmatt (20k092) 2004
here we go again! dorfdueppel comes off with an ep, that's a neo mix of 80ies synthpop and 90ies eurodance. behind this pseudonym is hardliner, the swiss retroclash star. 20kbps rec. assures that you'll get addicted to this catchy, cheesy release. become happy, at least for 8 minutes!
Keywords: Synthpop
Downloads: 437 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]jesus - ganz verreckte covers (20k172) 2005 - jesus
hell yeah, jesus (aka world champion bitrocker 'hardliner') covers well-known tracks like sex pistol's 'anarchy in the uk' or 'god save the queen' in his unique and bizarre bit pop / punk style. out comes 'anarchy in my room' and 'god save my mum'. highly explosive and destructive, this is the craziest shit you've ever heard. one track hasn't even been finished, because it chewed him up. the ep has been created in 4 hours and with 5 samples.
Keywords: Avantgarde; bit punk
Downloads: 508
[audio]Restposten - Aufgeräumt (20k030) 2003
perfect lounging sound.
Keywords: Down beat / Chill
Downloads: 1,110
[audio]overthruster - clasix disc2-(20k088)-2004
times of waiting are over. here is part 2 of clasix disc serie, featuring five tidy intelligent (non)-dance songs and one hardcore track by overthruster. very versatile ep, unsettled in its apparentness, it takes you nowhere and everywhere at the same time. overthruster once agains proves his skills as a modern electronica artist.
Keywords: IDM
Downloads: 1,154
[audio]Pharmacom - Switched On Game Boy (20k186) 2005 - Pharmacom
'switched on game boy' is an allusion to wendy carlos highly acclaimed 'switched on bach', but instead of the moog synthesizer, Pharmacom uses the nintendo game boy for his recreation of j. s. bach. don't miss this fantastic and unique piece of audio-art. Pharmacom (a lofi 8-bit project by german producer and dj sascha müller) already released on labels like gnashed, here's my card and retinascan, as well as on his own pharmacom records.
Keywords: Bit Pop
Downloads: 886
[audio]Nole Plastique - The Disharmonization Of Primitive Thoughts (20k167) 2 - Nole Plastique
new month, new artist - the composer nole plastique (dars records) from kazan, russia, plays music of hovering computers, broken telephones, radio receivers and broken television sets. at the basic of this sonic concept lies the theory of noise and clicks'n'cuts. he deals with the illusion of contact, the isolation that comes with new media (since we can no longer verify with whom we talk). the purpose is to pull out from the illusory idea of surrounding peace, to make it necessary to glance at ...
Keywords: noise; Industrial; Illbient; Glitch
Downloads: 600
[audio]chronofobia - lotus c (20k117) 2004
the third russian release in a row. and once again: it's great stuff! the hard and dirty sound in the case of 'Gout Hydzay' and the slow melody of 'Lotus C' represent the first release by chronofobia on 20kbps rec. chronofobia is part of the reaktive music crew, and they released on the great russian netlabel reamp3. coverdesign is by joel temper.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 335 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]bastard by rape - painful destruction (20k079) 2004
hardcore punk from the usa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bastard by rape is a grindcore band that uses shitty electronic drumming and destructive screaming, with distorted guitars and/or bass guitars. check this alienated ep out & hail satan 2004!!!
Keywords: Grindcore
Downloads: 557
[audio]overthruster - HARDCORE MPLS GHETTO CHRIST (20k112) 2004
we start the week with a new release by overthruster (northamerican hardcore), 5 lsdj bitpop tracks by the ghetto christ of minneapolis. this release rules!
Keywords: Bit Pop
Downloads: 512
[audio]ndu mezu - chdetoria (20k115) 2004
3 dreary expermimental industrialnoise soundscapes inspired by horror and sorrow. it's an auralisation of your most appalling nightmares. don't say, we didn't warn you! indu mezu is a composer from russia.
Keywords: Industrial; industrial noise
Downloads: 452
[audio]agentorange - spawned (20k034) 2003
100% game boy, 100% quality, 100% agentorange.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 457
[audio]something like bitter-bitter symphony - the hardliner
summer recess is over and as we survived the heat, we continue to dive-bomb you with our releases. we restart with a freaky technoid chiptune album by the one and only king of rock'n'roll - hardliner (stars in rehab). pure and raw audiosex at its best!
Keywords: chiptune
Downloads: 619
[audio]Origami Repetika - Mini Oubum (20k085) 2004
repetive music for space cadets, Origami Repetika is an active cell representing the almost invisible art of Origami Republika. fine produced ambient techno from pitman, new jersey. Origami Repetika is experimenting with soft-synths and sound bytes which are arranged together in the form of a pattern or loop. he's fascinated by the hypnotic effect that repetitious music has.
Keywords: Electronic
Downloads: 660
[audio]Das All - Digital Monitor (20k11)-2003
'Das All' are willy (from cadmium rec.) and haz. this ep was recorded at babydoll rec.
Keywords: Ambient
Downloads: 586
[audio]Paranomia - Le requiem pour les refrigerateures solitaires (20k102) 2004
the release title (in english 'requiem for lonely refrigerators') says it already. technoid ambient-industrial-noise that is colder than the arctic. Paramomia, (a sideproject by estonian producer talvel) is a word taken from a game called oddworld. it's a vanishing wilderness, plenty of trees, shrubs and dirt walkways are the norm there. don't miss this release.
Keywords: Electronic; Industrial
Downloads: 646 2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]dmg plantlife - dumbass Techno EP (20k118) 2004
dumbass techno, (or how it is also called: not very intelligent dance music) is dmg plantlife's (who lives in belgium) counterdraft to the idm-stuff that is all around. this ep is meant to be fun and very danceable. composed with lsdj, a must have for every fan of game boy music. and remember: if you grew out of a gameboy, then you too ARE DMG Plantlife...
Keywords: dumbass techno; not very intelligent dance music
Downloads: 1,363 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]suKksLuT - porn ep (20k036) 2003
distorted breakbeats & techno mixed with xxx-attitude. get the real shit!
Keywords: Breakbeat
Downloads: 1,050
[audio]overthruster - acid sucka (20k121) 2004
overthruster_-_acid_sucka-(20k121)-2004. overthruster is back!! the man who is behind the netlabel northamerican hardcore brings us his funkyfresh new 4 track ep, with broken beats and acid basslines. we are all acid suckas, aren't we?
Keywords: Acid; Electronic
Downloads: 700
[audio]Vibe From The Korg Electribe by C4 - c4
jack to the sound of underground! x-mas on acid!!!!!
Keywords: acid
Downloads: 671
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